Non-Profit Health Education Website

I designed and built this website for a non-profit Area Health Education Center in NY using WordPress, Elementor page builder. Over time during the maintenance phase of the project I added Custom Post Types, Jetengine and interface to external site. The custom post type of events and custom calendar make this site unique as the staff will need to make frequent updates to the events. To ease the process (and allow new staff access as well) I incorporated a documentation system into the website that is accessible by the staff and includes searchable written instructions and videos on how to add, delete, modify events and other custom post types. As the original site design has been in place for several years, I am currently in the process of redesigning the page layouts so they are more easily modified by the office staff. As it is also a repository of information and links for students and the community, I am including a link alert to external sources if the link has changed or is no longer working to reduce the staff time required to check links.

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