Get the website services and digital marketing you need to make your online presence stand out and attract more business.

Website Design & Development​

A website is a critical part of the marketing for any business or non-profit organization. 

Why You Need a Website

Websites establish credibility as a business and provides crucial information to your audience. About 90% make purchase decisions after doing online research for goods or services.

Mobile-friendly Design

Mobile phones access to the internet allows us to find services or make purchase decisions from anywhere. Since 50% of internet users search from their phones, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Which Website Style Works Best

Are you providing information, selling products or services? Do you need a portfolio? Do you need a blog? I will design your website with your marketing goals in mind to ensure the best customer experience. 

Owner-editable Pages & Articles

WordPress based websites allow the content to be edited within the framework of the website. This works well for sites that have frequent updates. I can provide training and custom dashboards to help guide editing.

Digital Marketing

Part of your website services and marketing plan should include being found on search engines like Google. 

Search Marketing SEO

To ensure you are found by potential customers using search engines, I will use keyword research, local SEO and link building to improve your rank and get better traffic to your website.

Social Media Accounts

What social media you need may depend on your business and competition.  A social media presence can work with your website to attract customers or members.

Email Campaigns

Email campaigns still produce the best advertising returns.  Your email list has an audience that has interest in your product or services.

Online Advertising

You may even want to include paid advertising to target audiences on Facebook or Google.

Website Content

Grainy photos or copy that is not engaging doesn't make a great first impression. Be sure to get great quality content.

Website Copy

From Product descriptions to business services offered, your written page copy needs to be both easy to read and optimized for Google and other search engines to improve your ranking.

Website Photos

Old, outdated, or overused stock photos can turn away potential customers. I can help make sure the photos and illustrations used are of good quality by finding unique content or editing custom photos.    

Content Writing (SEO friendly)

Articles, stories, and blog posts are all content that can help drive traffic to your website if it is optimized for search engines.

Promotional, Logos or Icons

Create assets that tell your story and work with your brand from logos to Ads.

WordPress Maintenance

With over 30% of the internet using WordPress websites, WordPress needs to keep up with an ever-changing internet.

Software Updates

Upgrades to the core software as well as individual themes and plugins is required to keep things running smoothly and protect the integrity and security of your website.

Website Backups

Sometimes websites break or are hacked. That is what we have backups for... right? If you purchase a maintenance plan the backup will be there to get your website up and running again.

Troubleshooting & Security

When you have a maintenance plan and things go wrong I can help determine the problem and fix any in-scope problems. Out-of-scope or new customers will require an additional fee to fix.

Install SSL for Secure Transactions

Reassure your customers that their transactions and data are safe and secure with a security protocol certificate (some browsers will display a "NOT SECURE" notice if no certificate is found). ​

Service Approach

For my website services, I do not provide pricing packages as I have found that each client has unique needs and goals and they do not always need all the offerings in a package.  I will create a custom package priced only for the required services.

A Return on Investment:  I believe in providing value to my clients based on their marketing needs.  For example, $500 can get you a small website, but it will take a long time to be found by potential customers without an active marketing plan.   I can also create a completely custom $5,000 website but unsupported, it can become vulnerable to hacking or software incompatibilities in just a few months.  Research shows that 90% of purchases are researched online.  Make sure your business can be found – paying for a website that creates new business over a few months, becomes a great return on your investment.

The Discovery Phase: To determine the best approach, I connect with my clients to discover their organization’s goals, needs and wants.  Then we make a plan that works as an investment in your organization.    

Proposal & Implementation: After the discovery phase and a general agreement on approach, I create a proposal that details the deliverable items, related costs, and suggested timeline.  Websites include mobile-friendly designs, social media interfaces, and built with search engine optimization in mind.  Where applicable, I provide training and support for 3 months.

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